Captain Obvious: Dead Space is Very Scary

I’ve played through most of it (one or two chapters left to go) – and I have jumped out of my seat several times.

Yesterday I got up for my daily 5am trek to Indianapolis and when I turned away from our hat stand, it fell on me from behind. I was sure I was being eaten by a necromorph.

Yes, it rips off Aliens, Event Horizon, and a thousand other things. But still. Scary.

Also – word to science fiction games: Please go ahead and rip off Dead Space and use zero-g environments in your games. In fact, I’d love to see a FPS that takes place entirely inside an Escherian zero-g playground


6 Responses to “Captain Obvious: Dead Space is Very Scary”

  1. perhaps one based on the battle exercises in Ender’s Game. (There could even be side missions like the videogames that Ender played).

  2. @JimPanzee: That would be pretty awesome, actually..

  3. Especially since the story was essentially a description of a video game… I’m kinda amazed it hasn’t been done yet.

  4. yourboyblue Says:

    I’m sorry, I just don’t think DeadSpace was that scary.
    I’m not trying to be macho about it or anything, but I like to be surprised. You play one survival horror game, you’ve played them all and it gets predictable. Surprise, after all, is the main element of horror. Surprise and boobs, actually.

  5. Hah – I can’t believe this poor neglected blog is still generating comments.

    I don’t think you are trying to be macho. Different strokes, etc.

    It’s clearly not an original idea, but the particular things jumping out at me in this game scared me more than the things jumping out at me in other, similar games.

  6. yourboyblue Says:

    dude! You’re still alive?
    Let’s get some more blog posts man!

    But back to the topic at hand:
    the survival horror genre has been so dug in and established that it’s hard for any new blood to show up. So much so in fact, that old blood is now being thrown out (case in point RE5 is now an action game – no matter what they say). So it’s quite nice to see a new take on the genre and in space…no one can….bah. i can’t finish that sentence. too cheesy

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