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And so it goes

Posted in General on March 10, 2008 by Kit

The first arcade review will be up within the week.

Meanwhile, let’s all doff our +2 Helms for Gary Gygax. He created a fantasy world that sustained many of us through the darkest years of our adolescence.

Rather than reading yet another eulogy, you should just revisit Paul La Farge’s excellent piece on Gygax and D&D in The Believer:

Here I am tempted to advance a wild argument. It goes like this: in a society that conditions people to compete, and rewards those who compete successfully, Dungeons & Dragons is countercultural; its project, when you think about it in these terms, is almost utopian. Show people how to have a good time, a mind-blowing, life-changing, all-night-long good time, by cooperating with each other! And perhaps D&D is socially unacceptable because it encourages its players to drop out of the world of competition, in which the popular people win, and to tune in to another world, where things work differently, and everyone wins (or dies) together.