I have a strict “no blogging on vacations” ethic – and mine starts tomorrow. So let’s get into the mix quick, for tomorrow I will be mixing pies.

Oblivion Related Repetitive Stress Injury. I have an ache all the way up my right arm and my neck, and I’m officially blaming Oblivion for it. I’ve actually completed the story, only to find that the story is only a fraction of a percent of the fun to be had in this game. Old-timers: Remember when you inserted the 1st of the four floppy discs that came with Ultima IV? This game gives you the same feeling of having a living, breathing world to explore. Only moreso. The fact that locations aren’t spoon fed to you – you have to go out and walk around to find them – is brilliant. The fact that it comes with a map is genius. I only wish it came with cloth map a la Ultima. Back in the day, I once exterminated all the citizens of Skara Brae after a particularly bad time at school, and felt a profoundly unreasonable sense remorse. In a panic, I scrambled for my “restore” floppies to bring those pixels back from the dead.

Assassin’s Creed. Oh dear me, I think I’ve found my next source of Repetitive Stress Injuries. I’m a well known fan of sneaking, hiding, stabbing from the shadows sorts of games – and this looks like the soon to be Queen Mother.

Xbox 360’s Parental Control. In a recent firmware update, Microsoft has given parents the ability to set time limits on their kids’ game playing. Let’s ignore for a minute the fact that most kids are going to figure out how to disable this pretty quickly… if their parents can even figure out how to use it, that is. All that aside, I still have a problem with it. If you need software to control your kids’ behavior, you need to rethink some things about parenting.


When I was a tyke and my mamma thought we was getting too much of that newfangled cathode-radium-televisor-screen, she used to lock us outside . In the winter! In our underpants!


4 Responses to “Quickie”

  1. Speaking of Assassin’s Creed, does the MCP have anything to say about the ridiculous sexism surrounding one Jade Raymond? Or is that a situation so obvious it doesn’t garner consideration…or perhaps more to the point, is talking about Jade Raymond _not_ talking about games and therefore not to be found on this here bloggywoggly?

  2. Well… I’ve been holding off an entire gamer sexism rant. So far most of my writing has been pretty moralistic and I don’t want this to be the “mcp hates pop culture” blog.

    But this whole thing (and the other video game girl phenomena) rings less of sexism and more of desperation. Game geeks are mostly boys, and adult boys get lonely. Any whiff of girls being involved in games is bound to cause the average game obsessed geek to think “perhaps I won’t always be this lonely.”

    Or at least that’s my theory.

  3. What’s even to talk about? Pretty girl involved in making a video game – of course a bunch of girl-impaired gamer guys are going to fall in love with her. It’s not any more or less ridiculously sexist than how pop culture devoured Anna Kournikova. Or how attractive female actresses of marginal ability (Halle Berry, Marisa Tomei, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts being just a few examples) seem to hog the Oscars for any vaguely out-of-character role they play, while talented and fugly character actresses get few accolades and little attention. It’s sexist, but is it ridiculous? To me the truly ridiculous involves an element of surprise, and we should be way past that by now on this particular issue. If anything this one seems more obvious and less insidious by virtue of its rarity. (i.e. Not that many pretty wimmins are making video games.)

  4. She IS kinda cute.

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