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Video games are serious business.

Posted in General with tags , , , on October 30, 2007 by Kit

Gaming isn’t a niche interest anymore, like it was back in the 80s when I first slogged my way through King’s Quest and Zork. Today, video games are probably the fastest growing, if not the largest, sector of the software industry. Games are making headlines on major news networks. The only topic the ruling Geek Class devotes more internet time to is porn.

Clearly, people like to play games.

So one might be given to wonder what kind of idiot would think he had something original today say about games. The answer: apparently me.

I read somewhere that the most avid video gamers are men in their late twenties or thirties. Once you hit that age, I think it’s safe to call yourself an adult.

So why is it that most reporting on games happens at such a childish level? One of the leading consumer game magazines is so full of fake ‘tude that it resembles the product of a middle school class run by the editorial staff of Maxim.

I’m not looking to be the Wall Street Journal of gaming – deep but dry. Games should be fun. And writing and thinking about games should be fun, too.

But there’s just so much to think about that rarely gets discussed. Like all mass entertainment mediums… games give us a glorious circus-mirror view of our own culture. They exaggerate our shortcomings and our strengths. They reveal our primal needs and our fears.

I guess they’re also fun to play.

That’s all a bit more of a statement of purpose than I intended it to be. The main goal here is just to produce some entertaining writing about video games. Despite lack of evidence on the web, I continue to believe that it’s possible.

I have no considerations of timeliness… other people can be first to press. I’m just interested in writing about what I’m playing. Or what I’m thinking about playing. Maybe the occasional capital-i Issue.